Vision and Mission


Our Vision

“Shining the light of Jesus Christ ever brighter from this hill through love, fellowship  and outreach”


Our Mission

We are a Bible based church that supports its congregation through worship, fellowship, teaching, self care, and nurturing all centered on our Lord Jesus Christ.

We are committed to have individuals grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and are dedicated to provide Christ centered service to our community, our nation, and beyond; all to glorify God.

We will help individuals discover their spiritual gifts and talents by studying God’s word, through prayer, worship, and sharing Him with others as we walk in the power of God’s word.

We will continue the long tradition of celebrating our journey with Christ and the commitment to serving Him, as we believe God will continue to bless this church with a congregation that is energized (excited), fully engaged (active), and growing.

We will expand our membership by bringing the word of Christ to others through evangelism and faith-sharing ministries.

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