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What is stewardship

The dictionary tells us that “stewardship” is the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.  We often think of “Stewardship” in strictly financial terms, but true stewardship in a Christian community is a more human concept with broader implications. What is entrusted in our care is the Word of God, helping care for members, building the faith among members of our congregation and caring for others in the outside world. In a word it is Stewardship of the mission that Christ has given us as Christians.  We do it because of the joy we feel about the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our stewardship is given in our time, our talents, and, yes, our financial gifts.

Giving is strongly based on a person’s relationship and faith in God, “Who are my people, that we should be able to give as generally as this?  Everything comes from you, and we have GIVEN you only WHAT comes from your hand” 1 Chronicles 29:14.  We have heard this Bible verse many times, especially during this time of year.

The LPPC Sunday Story

Consider what takes place every Sunday at LPPC, the joy and celebration provided to more than 400 plus people every Sunday who attend worship and Sunday School. Without your support (Stewardship) we could never have two wonderful services, an hour of Sunday School for all ages, fellowship after services, great sermons prepared by our pastors, bulletins, websites, emails and more  prepared by our awesome staff, enthusiastic youth led by our Youth Minister, lights, heat, a clean building, a beautiful Atrium filled with fellowship, inspirational biblically based songs and music lead by our music director and our choir filled with over 80 volunteers, bells, youth choirs, and on and on. SUNDAY at LPPC is filled with the true meaning of stewardship where your giving ($), your time (did you know there are over 50 volunteers on any given Sunday), love, faith and fellowship all come together to provide spiritual nourishment for 400 plus children of God!  What awesome Stewardship!

So pray about your giving this fall. We really want to do more next year and we cannot do it without your donations.


A “pledge” is a token sign that a person has made a commitment to make a gift or perform some act. The pledge has two main purposes:

  1. A pledge gives the recipient of the pledged commitment some assurance of a sincere intent to make the gift of money or personal time.  This allows the church to properly plan what resources will be available for the year to fund the church’s missions.
  2. A pledge is a reminder to the giver that he/she has made a commitment and intends to the best of their ability to make the gift as promised if possible.

Without pledging it becomes difficult to know if we have enough resources to fully fund our community and worldwide missions, to fund staff and travel for youth programs or to repair or improve our church buildings.  Please make our task easier by pledging this year.

With your pledge you are just telling us how much you think you will be giving to LPPC ministry in a calendar year… AND it is NOT binding. You can change it any time for any reason, as many times as you like! Just let Wendy Todd know if you need to change the pledge. All such communication about any pledge is kept strictly confidential.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the Stewardship Committee members listed below.

  • TJ Wudarski (Committee Chair)
  • Wendy Todd
  • Sue Hacker
  • Jon Deininger
  • Dean Knauss

Pledging Resources

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